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Shop from the site. A small percent of the sites listed offer affiliate programs, through which they pay a small commission (usually 5-8% of sales) on sales generated from links on StillMadeinUSA.com. These commissions help pay for site maintenance (domain/hosting fees and research costs). However, my decision to list companies is not based on the existence of an affiliate program.

Submit corrections or additions. Many of the best finds on the site were submitted by visitors, or found as I searched for a product that someone requested. Before I list a company, I require written confirmation of their place of manufacture and I reserve the right to decide whether a company is suitable for listing. Visitor feedback also helps me keep up with changes in company sourcing and manufacturing location.

Write to me at Stephanie@StillMadeinUSA.com. I read all email sent to the site, although I cannot always respond, depending on mail volume at any given time. I appreciate all feedback, and I do my best to answer mail!

Spread the word. StillMadeinUSA.com is a grassroots effort, and I do not use paid advertising. You can help get the word out by telling your friends and family about the site. If you have a website, include a link to StillMadeinUSA.com. As they say, "the best advertising is free advertising!" Here are a couple of banners you may use:



Consider a voluntary donation. The information on StillMadeinUSA.com is available free of charge to shoppers and I do not charge companies for listing. However, if you have found the site helpful and wish to make a small donation toward its maintenance, click on a giving category below.

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