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Accessories [Back to Top]
  • Brookwood Leather (Mechanicsburg, PA): custom handcrafted leather guitar straps and amp handles
  • Couch Guitar Straps (Los Angeles, CA): guitar straps made from automotive and upholstery vinyl or recycled seatbelt material, made by a small company of working musicians.
  • Dean Markley Strings (Santa Clara, CA): strings for classical and electric guitars, made in Kalamazoo, MI. Available from local music retailers.
  • Elixir Strings (Elkton, MD): coated strings for acoustic and electric guitar, bass, banjo and mandolin. Manufactured by W.L. Gore & Associates.
  • Peaceland Guitar Rings (Torrance, CA): guitar slides made from brass, stainless, or glass-coated metal combination for a range of tonal possibilities.
  • Scratchpad USA (Schaumburg, IL): a removable pad that clings without adhesive to protect guitar finish from scratches and dings caused by belt buckles, zippers, etc.

Audio Equipment [Back to Top]

  • Audio by Van Alstine (Woodbury, MN): preamplifiers, amplifiers, digital-to-analog converters, and phase inverters, engineered and "hand built" in USA.
  • Ayre Acoustics, Inc. (Boulder, CO): full line of audio and video components, hand-assembled in Boulder.
  • Big Lick Amps (Salem, VA): reproduction tube amps, inspired by the original Fender Tweed and Marshall JTM designs. Available from Uptown Audio
  • Car Audio Factory (Richmond, TX): subwoofer enclosers made in a state of the art factory in Houston.
  • Carr Amplifiers (Pittsboro, NC): guitar amplifiers, made by guitarists for guitarists.
  • CI Audio (Port Hueneme, CA): headphone amplifiers, monoblock amplifiers, and power supplies.
  • Fargen Amps (Sacramento, CA): all tube (not solid-state) guitar and bass amplifiers, handcrafted in USA.
  • Grado Labs (Brooklyn, NY): high-quality headphones and phono cartridges
  • Henriksen Amplifiers (Denver, CO): amplifiers for jazz guitars and bass guitars. Wood cabinets made in California, speakers made in Kentucky, assembled in Denver.
  • KCS Loudspeakers (Sun Prairie, WI): custom horn loudspeakers, made in Wisconsin.
  • Magnepan Inc. (White Bear Lake, MN): manufacturing innovative, world class speakers for over 40 years, still "American-made with virtually all American parts."
  • Manley Labs (Chino, CA): Hi-Fi and professional recording gear, including mixers, preamplifiers, equalizers, limiters, and microphones.
  • McIntosh Labs (Binghamton, NY): fine audio and home theater sound systems, still hand-crafted in New York. (Acquired in 2003 by Japanese D&M Holdings, but NY production continues)
  • Mohu, Inc. (Raleigh, NC): makers of the LeafTM, a USA-made indoor HDTV antenna. I bought one and discovered it worked much better than my "rabbit ears"--great, free TV reception, and I don't have to reposition it when I switch channels.
  • Moog Music (Ashville, NC): miniMoog Voyager analog monosynth, MoogerFooger guitar pedals, and Etherwave theremin, made in their NC facility
  • Ohm Acoustics (Brooklyn, NY): high-end speakers for audio and home theater applications.
  • On the Road Effects (Seekonk, MA): handcrafted analog guitar effects pedals, "designed with the touring and recording musician in mind."
  • Orb Audio (Sherman Oaks, CA): Mod1 and Mod2 satellite speakers for flat screen and home theater applications, handmade in USA. "Small Speakers for Smart People"
  • SanGreal (Las Vegas, NV): acoustic instrument amplifiers designed for true reproduction of notes associated with acoustic instruments such as guitars, harps, violins, and pianos
  • Sonoma Wire Works (Los Altos, CA): manufacturer of GuitarJack, high quality audio input/output interface to connect instruments and microphones to your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Made at their factory in San Jose, CA.
  • Synthesizers.com (Tyler, TX): modular analog music synthesizers, assembled in USA with domestic and imported components.
  • SVS: speakers and subwoofers for music and home theater, made in their Ohio factory.
  • VPI Industries (Cliffwood, NJ): high-end turntables and tonearms made in USA for 30 years. See dealer locator.
  • Wavefront Technologies (Los Angeles, CA): theremin musical instruments and accessories
  • Wedgewalls (Pocatello, ID): sound-absorbing and sound-diffusing panels, handmade in USA from American hardwoods.
  • Zinky Electronics (Flagstaff, AZ): electric guitar amplifiers and accessories including tube amps, speaker enclosures, and signal processors
Orb Audio-- made in Sherman Oaks, CA
Orb Audio

Guitars [Back to Top]

Fender Pawn Shop Series Guitars At Cascio Interstate Music!

  • Carvin Guitars (San Diego, CA): guitars, amplifiers, and pro audio, almost all made in USA
  • Collings Guitars (Austin, TX): acoustic and electric guitars, and mandolins, all made in Austin. (Factory tours every Friday.)
  • G&L Guitars (Fullerton, CA): crafting electric guitars and basses for over 30 years.
  • Gadow Guitars (Durham, NC): semi-hollow and solid-body electric guitars and basses, handcrafted in USA.
  • Gibson (Nashville, TN): electric guitars made in Nashville and Memphis, TN; acoustic guitars made in Bozeman, MT. Tours (actual or virtual) are available. ("Songmaker" series are made in Canada.)
  • Heritage Guitar Inc. (Kalamazoo, MI): beautiful guitars made by many of the craftsmen that made Gibson guitars. Use dealer locator.
  • Koentopp Guitars (Los Angeles, CA): handmade classical and electric guitars.
  • C.F. Martin & Co. (Nazareth, PA): making acoustic guitars in the USA for 175 years, they must be doing something right! (Factory tours too.)
  • Rickenbacker Guitars (Santa Ana, CA): electric guitars and basses made in USA by a company that have been around since the earliest beginnings of electric musical instruments. Played by some of my favorite rockers, including The Beatles, Pete Townsend, and U2! (Sorry, no factory tours.)
  • Taylor Guitars (El Cajon, CA): acoustic and electric guitars since 1974 (tours of the Taylor Factory are available). (Note: in addition to the main factory in El Cajon, some Taylor guitars are now made in Mexico at the company's facility in Tecate, Mexico)
  • Weber Fine Acoustic Instruments (Logan, MT): acoustic guitars and mandolins
  • Kurt Wilson Guitars: electric guitars handcrafted in Illinois from beautiful hardwoods.
  • Jon Kammerer Guitars (Keokuk, IA): custom guitars that are really something...I want one, and I don't even play! (He also crafts spectacular inlaid cabinets.)
Other Strings [Back to Top]
  • American Made Banjo Co. (Stoneham, MA): banjos, parts, and accessories
  • Darkwood Music Co. (Punta Gorda, FL): fiddles and basses for bluegrass, country and folk musicians, handcrafted in USA
  • Deering Banjo Co. (Spring Valley, CA): a full line of banjos, including production and custom models
  • Engelhardt-Link (Elk Grove Village, IL): handcrafted basses and cellos for over 30 years. Standard and Junior sizes.
  • Steinway & Sons (Long Island City, NY): Steinway grand and upright pianos for the American market are made in NY, with production in a German facility supplying Europe and Asia. (Boston and Essex pianos are made in Asia.)
  • Stoney End Harps (Red Wing, MN): folk harps, mountain dulcimers, mountain banjos and bodhrans. Available online from Hobgoblin Music USA.
  • Upton Bass String Instrument Co. (Mystic, CT): one of the world's premier double bass specialty shops and one of America's only double bass production facilities

Percussion [Back to Top]

  • Noble & Cooley (Granville, MA): professional level snare drums and drum kits, from a company that has been making drums since before the Civil War. Still owned and operated by descendants of founder James P. Cooley. Use their dealer locator.
  • Pintech USA (Vancouver, WA): electronic percussion instruments made in USA. (I'll post them in honor of Linkin Park!)
  • Vic Firth (Boston, MA): drumsticks and mallets of hickory and maple wood. They do the entire process, from kiln-drying the wood to machining and grinding to finishing. Their website has a great factory tour video. Available from Memphis Drum Shop
  • Zildjian (Norwell, MA): family-owned maker of cast and sheet bronze cymbals for drumsets, band, and orchestral use. The company notes their origins in Istanbul in 1623, but three generations of Zildjians have been making cymbals in the U.S. The company has been at their Norwell location since 1972. Available from Cascio Interstate Music
Zildjian Z3 Cymbals Available at Cascio Interstate Music

Wind Instruments [Back to Top]

  • Burkart Professional (Shirley, MA): incredible flutes of gold, sterling silver, and platinum, plus piccolos, handcrafted by musician artisans.
  • Conn-Selmer: this subsidiary of Steinway Musical Instruments (SMI) manufactures their "best grade" woodwind and brass instruments at facilities in Elkhart, IN and Eastlake, OH. ("Good" and "better" student instruments imported.) [A 3-year strike (2006-2009) by Union employees at the Elkhart plant (during which the company hired a number of replacement workers) has finally ended with decertification of the Union.]
  • E.K. Blessing Co. (Elkhart, IN): Student, Intermediate, and Professional brasswinds all made in USA. Blessing became a division of Powell Flutes in 2009, and the new owner brought all production back home to USA at a new, larger manufacturing facility built in 2010. Blessing is also the only source for American-made saxophones.) Available from Cascio Interstate Music.
  • Flutewalker Musical Arts (Leverett, MA): hand-carved wood flutes in the Native American style by performer, recording artist and flute builder Werner John
  • Fretwell Flutes (Everton, MO): Native American wood and cane flutes
  • Harrison Harmonicas (Chicago, IL): the only harmonica made in the USA, the company is the brainchild of harmonica player Brad Harrison. Named by Business Week as one of "America's Most Promising Startups"
  • Powell Flutes (Maynard, MA): handmade Custom, Conservatory and Signature flutes made of sterling silver, gold, platinum and grenadilla wood. In the Boston area since 1927.
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