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Jeans made in America

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American jeans used to mean Levi, Wrangler, and Lee, to name a few. Today, Levi jeans are made overseas. Wrangler and Lee brands are owned by VF Corp., which also owns Chic Jeans, Riders, and Rustler brands. VF Corp. has manufacturing plants located in the United States , as well as other parts of the world. So, while it MAY be possible to find a pair of Wrangler or Lee jeans made in USA , it's a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack. Likewise, jeans made for LLBean, Landsend, and the GAP are imported.

Luckily, there are a surprising number of American-made jean options available. The following list is my crack at a definitive (almost) listing of jeans still made in USA. I have divided the brands into two categories: traditional "serious" jeans and up-scale luxury jeans. Admittedly, my groupings are somewhat arbitrary, but jeans that cost over $100 a pair (or often multiple hundreds) are not for cleaning out the barn or garage! And lastly, there are quite a few brands of luxury, distressed jeans that usually are made from imported denim, available at high-end department stores (if those are still a thing...)

(Prices and denim sourcing verified March 2020)

Serious Work Jeans

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Upscale Jeans

Jeans that Fit Your Curves

Nordstrom is a good source for US-made luxury jeans made with imported denim, including MOTHER and AG jeans, with prices of $100 - 200+

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