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Over the past year or so, I began to notice that many of the new companies and products I was adding to my site were emphasizing their "green" or eco-friendly characteristics. Organic cotton raised in Texas, tees dyed with natural clay soils, products made from recycled plastics, wonderfully inventive ways to make something new from something used.

I was delighted to see American companies taking advantage of the consumer interest in green products, and I considered ways to flag these products among my other listings. Perhaps a special page devoted to green products? Little icons next to products that I thought were especially noteworthy?

In the end, I decided to create an entirely new website! I wanted a place to write about WHY some products were green (and maybe why others were not, despite the manufacturer's claims). I also wanted to explore ways that businesses and consumers could help grow a green economy in the U.S., by shopping and working smarter, and by using clean alternative energy.

Note: In some product categories, there are no or very few American-made options (e.g., compact fluorescent light bulbs, small solar gadgets). Having such products made overseas, and shipped to the U.S., raises environmental and "buy local" dilemmas. However, in many cases consumers will still wish to purchase them. For this reason, my new site will include some items not made in USA, though country of origin information will be clearly indicated.

Check out the site at GreenWorksUSA.info and let me know what you think!



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